NDT Inspection

We undertake non-destructive testing (NDT) using: 

  • Magnetic particle inspection – proven and reliable, MPI uses magnetic field patterns to detect
    Surface/near-surface flaws in ferrous materials
  • Dye penetrant inspection – DPI is the fast, low-cost means of detecting surface-extruding flaws Such as cracks or porosity over large areas.
  • Eddy current inspection – used to detect surface exuding defects such as fatigue without the need to remove protective coatings.
  • Ultrasonic inspection – a quick and highly precise method for establishing the presence, extent, And type of flaws in most materials.

Lifting Inspection

1 -Lifting equipment inspection and testing Our surveys provide an accurate register and database, Report system covering all onboard hoisting and lifting equipment, from shackles and slings to lifeboats and Offshore cranes.

All inspections to manufacturers’ guidelines and Relevant API, BS, Euro norms in conjunction with LOLER SI 2307/1998.

  • CD-ROMS are provided, with a full database
    Providing identification number, description,Safe working load, test certificate number andDetails of previous inspections.
  • Surveys generally combined with those for hoisting And lifting equipment, providing full inspectionCoverage of all such equipment.
  • Internet-based reporting gives clients full and easy access to status of all equipment.

2- Drops services inspection

Dropped objects considerations are integral to the entire process of everything we supply, from design and build through to delivery and installation.

While ensuring maintenance of the highest standards throughout, we take an early and proactive Approach, eliminating the maximum possible number of faults/failures on-site, to minimize the need for subsequent remedial action.

Surveys can be tailored to client requirements, but typically include:

  • Derricks & masts
  • Travel/PH equipment
  • Commas masts
  • Substructure.
  • Jack house & legs
  • Rig equipment
  • Moon pool/Texas deck
  • Deck & gantry cranes
  • Leg columns
  • Flare stacks
  • Helideck structure
  • Internal areas, mud room etc.

In all cases, we can provide:

  • Inspection teams
  • Depth of service
  • DROPS management systems
  • Survey reporting

Tubular Inspection

We offer a full range of tubular inspection services, as well as a variety of related support activities.
The core service includes inspection of:
• Pipe management systems.
• ASNT level III services.
• NDT services (ET, MT,PT,RT,UT,VT).
• Drill stem inspection (API, DS-1, NS-2, SOP, client).
• OCTG examinations (API 5A5, 5CT, 4-functional EMI).
• Tubular renovation (cleaning & protection).
• Rig parts & handling tools.
We also offer general mechanical testing & analysis, QA/QC technical auditing, and client care courses
and seminars, which can be tailored to the requirements of the individual client, as well as the following
equipment and services:
• Bucking units
• Demagnetization
• Bucking units
• Demagnetization
• Eddy current
• Electromagnetic inspection
• External & internal cleaning
• Hardness testing
• Hot-spot units
• Magnetic particle inspection
• Packaging systems
• Penetrant testing
• Pipe straightening
• Protective coating
• Radiographic testing
• Rattling
• Re-facing
• Visual testing