Calibration and Testing

Calibration services provided by calibration lab are an important solution for ensuring reliable

Output from the measuring tools and equipment used by many businesses especially in oil field.

Creative abstract oil and gas fuel manufacturing industry business concept: 3D render illustration of the row of metal steel high pressure gauge meters or manometers with brass fittings on tubing pipeline at LNG or LPG natural gas distribution station plant or factory facility with selective focus effect

The Calibration process entails inspecting, verifying and, when needed, adjusting the accuracy of these

Instruments. Routine calibration, performed by an accredited full-service calibration company like us,

Let’s you know that your measuring tools and equipment will perform as needed.

SCOPE is one of the leading full-service calibration labs. Our engineers/technicians work in a

Climate-controlled environment according to ISO/IEC 17025 or any equivalent standard, which

Maintains our equipment and stabilizes your instruments prior to calibration for reliable results.

Our equipment and tools calibrated and certified in NIST Egypt.

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) results of measurements and conclusions

Derived constitute much of the technical information. It is agree that the usefulness of measurement

Results, and thus much of the information is determine by the quality of the statements of uncertainty

That accompany them.

Our team has extensive experience and training in:

  • Calibration of Weight indicators.
  • Calibration of Pressure gauges.
  • Calibration of Chart recorders.
  • Calibration of Torque gauges.
  • Calibration of Pressure transmitters.
  • Testing & Adjusting Relief/Safety valves (Direct spring & Pilot).
  • Testing & Recharging SCBA.
  • Calibration of Portable gas detectors (H2S & Multi gas detectors).
  • Installing, calibration & testing of Fixed Gas detection systems.
  • Installing, maintenance & calibration of Driller monitoring systems. (MD-Totco Rig sense &
    Mi-Swaco Smart system).

Employing approved methods to calibrate according to industry standards including:

– DKD R-6-1 & ASME B40 for gauges, transmitters & chart recorders.

– ISO 4126-1/2004, ISO 14313:2007 & API recommended practice 576-second edition for Safety valves